OJALÁ! The Best Latin American Play in LA


By Diego Valiente, for TheRevista Magazine
May 22, 2010

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Ojalá! shocked me! I was not expecting the kind of story that I witnessed. Go! So you can find out!

The direction is well done, the cast is harmonious and the writing is very sincere.

The scenes are well connected and some of the performances grand. Starting with Claudia Duran who steals your heart with her role as Manna, Lindsay Lane as Kathy shows a range of emotion that enriches the play and Diana Mera as Cruz who's the highlight of the play with her perfect comedic timing, her smart acting and her song "Sobreviviente" in a fabulous dramatic scene with Carmelita Maldonado and Sheila Korsi; this scene will make you cry.

The cast has a lot of chemistry which makes them credible.

Bravo!! to Jennifer Berry (writer), Elizabeth Otero de Espinoza (Director) & Josefina Lopez (Producer).

Overall it is good and I recommend it!

Director's Note

Many an issue is tackled in our play. One of which is—doing the right thing. Seems easy enough right? Most of us want to do just that—the right thing. But do we? Do we when the consequences hurt us—cost us a job, a relationship, our pride?

Many a hero, who have faced this challenge head on, walk the streets of Los Angeles. We pass by them everyday unaware of their good deeds. They may be those who have offices in tall buildings or nameplates on their desks. Or they may be those who empty the trash in those offices, those paid to "make things look a certain way." They may even be the person who was hired to help raise the CEO who works in that office.

Their heroic acts do not receive media attention, possibly not even thanks at all. Their affirmation may only come from the belief they hold in their hearts that what they did benefited someone else who could not stand up for themselves. Ojalá! is a play whose characters are faced with this challenge of doing what is right, and the ramifications they face for doing so are great.

It has truly been an honor to tell this story. From the playwright, to the producers, and the cast and crew, I feel surrounded by heroes—not just in the characters they play, write, or light—but in the people they are everyday. I believe they are those who have, do, and will do the right thing when faced with an uncomfortable circumstance. And I feel we are better people for having done this play.

I hope you enjoy our production. And I hope it makes you celebrate the heroes in your own life, and the family members who may not share your genes. And to all the Manas out there—We love you!

~Elizabeth Otero de Espinoza~

Director of Ojalá!