Jennifer Berry


I am a writer and creator whose work dives into the themes of women, work and family with a keen feminist slant.

As a Professor of Women Studies at California State University Northridge, I work inside the world of Women’s Contemporary Issues creating enriching and empowering experiences for Generation Z.

(Please see previous pages for press and credits.  However, here  are a few new projects and recent updates.)

My play “Ojalá” was optioned as a screenplay.

My play "The Maid's Daughters" was a finalist at Eugene O'Neill Theater Conference in 2016 & 2017.

My Television pilot "Playing with Fire" was a finalist at The Orchard Project Showrunners Program in 2018.

I recently received mentorship from Jerry Rees in the area of trans-media, virtual reality, and themed based storytelling for theme park and museum attractions. Under Mr. Rees's guidance, I created a theme based, experience entertainment virtual piece for kids. 

I am the author of the children’s book “The Prayer Box.” Available everywhere but I would love you to buy it at "Once Upon a Time."  America's oldest independent children's bookstore.

I’ve been featured in Ms Magazine, Howl Round, and several other feminist publications.

I am proud member of The Playwrights Union, a network of L.A. Playwrights writing for theater, television and film and also part of Chalk Rep's and Anteaus Theater Company playwrights.

Other points of interest:

I lived for several years in Madrid & Tokyo.

A former radio host/writer/creator on KPCC 89.3 hit show Zócalo.

An avid gardener.

A blue ribbon winner for my Tropical Banana Cream Pie.

The mother of eleven year old twins. 




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