Jennifer Berry
"In a simply, unassuming style, Jennifer Berry's After, All studies the minutiae of a long friendship and eventual chasm between two aging women. Perhaps it's the details that make their bond seem initially so domestic, and their divide across emotionally icy terrain so tectonic. If Harold Pinter had been female, he might have written a play like this."

—Steven Leigh Morris, Critic-at-Large, LA Weekly
"Big Pharma is an eloquent attack against not only a powerful industry but also upon the kind of conformist Stepford nation that America has become. Berry is passionate but never shrill, and although her anger seldom boils far beneath the surface, she maintains her poise and focus throughout the evening."

—LA Weekly
"After, all not only provides roles for two women in their 40s, it also shows us these women free of any male gaze."

—Ms. Magazine
"Ojalá: a story long overdue!"

—The Los Angeles Times
"Best Latina Play"

—Revista Magazine

"She's Captivating!"

—The Denver Post
"Her reservoir of knowledge can add another dimension to the company."

—The Rocky Mountain News
"Jennifer Berry's mesmerizing view of the medical-industrial pharmaceutical industry's menacing hell, in her tour de force performance of Big a sharp, insightful observation of the mammoth pharmaceutical conglomerates."

—Gerri Garner's Entertainment, American Radio Network, KCLA AM
"Big Pharma is smart, insightful and provocative."

—The Boulder Daily Camera
"Berry's Big Pharma stands on its own as an engaging appeal concerning a serious sociopolitical issue."

—Bob Bows, KUVO/89.3 FM
"Berry is especially adept at the motivation of frequent flashbacks then connecting back..."

—Patrick Dorn, The Boulder Daily Camera
"Writer-performer Jennifer Berry shows a lot of spunk in tackling the medical-industrial complex that is the American pharmaceutical establishment."

—LA Weekly